Transforming our labour market: a guest post by Phil O’Reilly

A guest post from Business New Zealand’s CEO Phil O’Reilly on the latest round of employment law changes.

New Zealand’s economy faces uncertain times, and businesses burble burble many challenges, burble burble competitive advantage.
We cannot continue to burble burble, so essential reform burble burble, cut red tape. The burble burble adding value number-8 wire burble, while in Australia they are burble burble.
Flexibility in the workplace burble is critical for the burble burble of the burble. It’s all about burble being competitive with burble.
Employment law reform will burble burble struggling businesses, while creating certainty for burble. But the gains made as a result of any burble could be lost if we burble burble.

Employers want what is burble for the burble, but unions are all too often burble burble. The flexibility of burble means that businesses will be able more easily to burble burble.

That’s why we need a government prepared to burble with our burble. A government not afraid to burble its burble burble.
Burble showing burble burble 2010-2013
A strong and sensible burble will promote burble, boost competition, burble burble, and make the burble go faster. Small businesses are telling us that burble burble, which is exactly why burble needs to deliver a burble that really burble, and not burble cost to business burble burble.
A pro-growth agenda burble will transform the burble, so that burble can burble. Our export sector faces the additional challenges of a high burble and an uncertain burble burble, so the burble won’t happen overnight.
Pie chart: burble burble 2010-2013

But the global economy burble burble weightless economy burble innovation burble burble, means it is more important than ever that we burble with our burble burble.

We have the opportunity to burble our way forward and become a leading burble of burble, but it requires government policy that burble burble. We have certainly seen some good burble from this government, which appears to have embraced the burble, but the burble will really hit the road when burble burble burble.