A day in the life of Aaron Gilmore, MP

3:21 pm

What a great day for a few drinks and a nice meal with some friends, after another tough week at the office.

I’ve crammed a lot of amazing things into my 39 years of living, but nothing is more important that spending time with friends and family. Saving the world can wait a few hours.

Could this day be any more perfect?

5:54 pm

My mate reckons we’re being a bit too rowdy. The couple at the table nearby are now staring at us, but that’s okay. I’m used to the admiration. I’m an MP, and they don’t make any old person an MP. That makes me pretty special.

7:03 pm

Another two bottles for the table, waiter! These lightweights I’m drinking with just can’t keep up with me. I’m winning yet again!

8:14 pm

What a grate group of frinds I have. I love you guys! I love averyone! More wine, waiter! Weere is the waiter? That insolint swine appears toe be busy elsewhere. Boy! Come here!

8:40 pm

Haw haw haw haw! Haw haw haw!

9:37 pm

The weetar jusht tald me Iyv hed to mush to drenk and he went lit me hev aney moar. Ish reelly mosht unaceptabal. Iy geved him mi card and said “eshcuushe me, doe shoe no who I em? Iym a parliamencharian, and by God I well have another drenk!”

It din werk! I bit he’s a fecin Laba Partee suppoata!

10:54 pm

Blergh visdh flumptram! Hic! Flebglech slomblath glaaaaa………. Hic!

11:46 pm


The lightweight MP pictured here, together with Aaron Gilmore.