Enquiry to enquire into enquiry

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Prime Minister John Key has announced an enquiry into allegations that United Future’s Peter Dunne leaked details of Rebecca Kitteridge enquiry into the GCSB.

An enquiry was called into the leak of the Kitteridge report, after the report found its way into the media.

But New Zealand First leader Winston Peters this week alleged that Dunne was the person behind the leak, and called for a full enquiry into Dunne’s alleged actions.

An enquiry into the leak is due to report back to John Key shortly, but it is thought that the enquiry’s findings may be incomplete, given these latest allegations.

Key said that the new enquiry would look into the findings of the original leak enquiry, to determine whether those enquiry findings were adequate.

The Green Party, in the meantime, has called for a full public enquiry into the matter.

“The people of New Zealand deserve answers,” said Green Party co-leader, Dr Russel Norman.

“When Rebecca Kitteridge’s enquiry and report into the actions of the GCSB was leaked, we were not given the opportunity to provide input into the enquiry into the leak of that enquiry.

“So it is only fair if we are going to have an enquiry into the enquiry into the original enquiry, that we have a full public enquiry into the whole matter.”

Labour Party leader David Shearer was too confused to comment.