Right Thinking: This is what happens when we give them a voice

No-nonsense authoritarian libertarian Dr. Frank Shizenhausen is back with another hard-hitting post

The coach of the Australian football team, Holger Osieck, is in trouble for saying that “women should shut up in public'”.

It’s football, so the self-serving self-appointed guardians of political correctness were hardly going to miss the opportunity to put the boot in.

They have forced him to apologise, and he’s now claiming that he was just joking.

Mr Osieck has my sympathies, although I’d have been even more sympathetic if he’d had a good sturdy English surname like Smith or Wilson. I’m generally wary of those of foreign ilk, thanks to the war, though I don’t remember which war. It was quite a big one, I think, and I’m fairly sure we won it.

But let us put aside Mr Osieck’s massive moral failings for a moment, since he can’t help being born foreign; because this story isn’t really about his race, however abominable it may be.

It’s about a man who is being persecuted by the sisterhood simply for telling it how it is. For telling the truth.

Letting women have their say in public may sound entirely reasonable and unobjectionable, but think of the risks. What if a woman, having spoken her mind, wants something more? What if she decides to seek equal pay, or (God help us all) the vote?

What if a woman decides that she has the right to choose what she does with her own bits?

I absolutely never let my women talk in public, because they will inevitably say something to embarrass me. In fact, I don’t let them leave the house at all. When they ask I demand to know why. “You have everything here!” I rail at them. “A roof over your head, and food and water. I even keep your kennels clean!”

Do you want to know what happens when women become accustomed to having their say? This happens:

A young woman who asked three All Blacks fans at Eden Park not to use homophobic slurs was told by the men that “it’s just part of the game”. 

Hannah Spyksma, 24, was at the All Blacks versus France test on Saturday with her family and the three men were sitting in the row behind.

The men, believed to be in their early to mid 20s, were yelling at players, calling them “homos and faggots”. 

When Ms Spyksma complained they yelled back: “If you don’t like us using the word faggot then don’t come to the footy because it’s just part of the game.”

I haven’t been to a live rugby game for a number of years, so I was surprised to learn that women sometimes attend these matches; especially as the rules around the ruck and maul area must surely be bewildering to most female folk, simple as they are.

But imagine being confronted by one of these woman types at a rugby match, all because you were engaging in a bit of harmless banter?

Our rights of free speech continue to be circumscribed by the PC brigade. Nowadays you risk life and limb just for saying what you think about other people’s sexuality or skin colour. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre any more.

We can blame our womenfolk for the mess we’re in, but we men are mostly to blame. We let it happen. We should have known better.

But lest I forget, one woman deserves at least some of the blame. Komrade Helen Klark’s Liarbore nanny-state socialist social-engineering totalitarian rule of terror made all of this possible. Long may she remain in New York sipping at the United Nations trough!