All four candidates will win in Ikaroa-Rāwhiti

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A Marae Investigates poll has revealed that all four main candidates will comfortably win the Ikaroa-Rawhiti Poll by-election.

The poll gives Meka Whaitiri of the Labour Party, Marama Davidson of the Green Party, Te Hāmua Nikora of the Mana Party, and Na Raihania of the Maori Party a healthy lead in the contest.

The result confirms what activists have been saying about the race.

Mana Party supporters say they door-knocked over five thousand houses last weekend, and found that every single person they spoke to intended to vote for their candidate, Te Hāmua Nikora.

Green Party supporters are meanwhile confident of victory, after they phone-polled every household in the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti electorate, including those households without telephones.

“Every single one of them said they would vote for me,” said Green Party candidate Marama Davidson.

Meanwhile, Labour has mobilised huge numbers of MPs and activists to door-knock across the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti electorate.

“We knocked on half a million doors yesterday afternoon alone,” said one activist.

“This electorate is heartland Labour. Every single person we met wanted to invite us in for a cup of tea. Everyone we met had a story to tell about our dear departed friend Parekura Horomia, and how he touched their lives personally.”

But the Maori Party’s candidate, Na Raihania, has scoffed at these claims.

“Half a million doors? Is that what they’re saying now?

“I personally knocked on five million doors in Flaxmere just this morning, even though I was giving a speech at a marae near Dannevirke at the same time.

“And every person I met told me they would vote for me. How can I lose?”