It’s a tough decision

It appears that my bid to become Labour’s leader has hit a snag. I’ve had some interesting reactions from the hugely expensive push-polling I got David Farrar’s company to conduct, where I asked people what they thought about my becoming leader of Labour.

It seems that most people would sooner be consigned to the pits of hell for all eternity, while an unholy army of demented demons tore at their flesh and committed every conceivable manner of indignities upon their persons, than have me lead Labour.

This all tells me that it’s just too soon for me. So I am withdrawing from the race, and we’ll have to choose someone else as leader (Phil T, you’re off the hook).

But it’s important that we take our time and listen to all the arguments, before deciding on the best person for the job.

Let’s not rush into things. Let us all take a deep breath and consider the options.

There are a number of obvious candidates for the role,

and each of them will have their strengths

and weaknesses. As a party member I will have the opportunity to listen closely to what each candidate has to say, before casting my vote.

It’s far too soon to say how I will vote. This is an important decision, and I won’t be rushed. Nor will I be pressured or lobbied.

It would be tempting for me as a West Aucklander to pick a local MP, but I’m going to do what’s right for the party. The person I vote for may not even be an Aucklander. You never know.

Nor am I inclined to make my voting decision on the basis of age, gender, sexual preference, or ethnicity. My vote is genuinely up in the air at the moment.

It could go any way.

But when I make my decision I hope to be voting for a candidate who is articulate, passionate, smart, and able to match it with John Key.

They must also be able to carry off a beard.

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  1. I like the way the photoshop [to place clouds in] gives him narrow weasel shoulders.
    Looks like he could slither through a hole in the wall.
    The in crowd may be satisfied but Cunliffe is disliked by many people.

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