A new new hope

IF from the editorI will be relaunching this site soon. You will see that things look different.

A lot of work has been done to improve the look and feel of the site. I paid a group of consultants tens of thousands of dollars to design a blog that provokes, entertains, and delivers value.

I then sacked them all and refused to pay the bill, once I discovered I could do most of it myself in WordPress.

Those consultants are now suing me for their unpaid fees, and generally making my life hell. Little do they know that I am crouched outside their bedroom windows filming everything they do through a crack in the curtains. These people are disgusting!

I intend to use this site to post that incredible footage, and to make their lives as difficult as I can. Hopefully I will also be able to fit in topical material about politics, law, media, and all that other stuff I used to write about before the anger took me.

Stand by for good times.