SBW confirms he can be bothered playing for the Kiwis

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Sonny Bill Williams today confirmed he can be bothered playing for the Kiwis rugby league team in the upcoming World Cup.

The league superstar had ruled himself out of contention for the tournament, but has now confirmed he quite likes the idea of playing for the New Zealand team.

“I suppose that would be okay,” Williams said to reporters when asked if he wanted to play for the Kiwis.

“Sure, why not?”

Meanwhile, the Kiwis received another welcome boost today, after Auckland mayor Len Brown said the city would hold a parade if the team came second in the World Cup.

The New Zealand team are raging favourites for the second-place spot, but their coach Stephen Kearney said they were not taking a silver medal spot for granted.

“We have a lot of work to do before being beaten by the Australian team in the final,” Kearney said.

“It’s a tough competition, and we may have to overcome quality teams like Papua New Guinea, Italy and Scotland, before eventually being demolished by Australia in the final.”

Mayor Brown said that if the team is successful in coming second, a parade will be held at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour to celebrate the achievement.

Pop legend Dave Dobbyn said he had been asked to confirm his availability for the event.

“I’m looking forward to being there with the boys when they bring home that silver medal,” said Dobbyn.

“It’ll be a great afternoon of family entertainment, and I’ll be singing all my hits.

“Except for the song Loyal. Sonny Bill’s manager has asked me not to sing that one.”

2 thoughts on “SBW confirms he can be bothered playing for the Kiwis

  1. I quite like $BW, not only is he a better player than Matthew Ridge ever was, he also boned his daughter just to piss him off.

  2. There is no such thing as a ‘superstar” in Rugby League. In a career of almost a decade thus far; Sonny Bill Williams hasn’t even made the million that is routine for a star of Soccer or American football to earn in a season or two. He is a nobody and hyped-up in two small out-of-the-way overlooked countries at the end of the world. The entire sport of league is a joke and especially this pointless “world cup”.
    Feel proud for being duped by the obvious empty hype.

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