Is Lorde an anti-Semite too?

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I don’t know if you’ve heard that Lorde song Royals yet, but have a good listen to the lyrics next time it’s on the radio. I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re violently anti-Semitic.

When I heard the lyrics for the first time (just after I’d finished writing my post Nelson Mandela: Racist) I was astounded. What kind of twisted hate would drive a teenage girl to sing in such admiration for the Nazis and their genocidal regime?

I love music, but this song is deeply disturbing, and its praise for Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust is only flimsily disguised. Why aren’t more people getting angry about this?

Take these lines from the song:

We count our dollars on the train to the party,

And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this,

If that isn’t an approving nod to the Holocaust, then I’m a rational and well-adjusted person!

Everyone knows that the Nazis used trains to send their victims to the death camps, so Lorde’s words train to the party are a deliberate insult to the Jews. She makes fun of their suffering and misery, depicting those death camps as places of fun and frivolity. Life in Auschwitz was certainly no party, as anyone who has ever studied history will know.

She then sings and everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this. That’s Lorde’s way of saying ‘hey, I’m okay with the Holocaust, really.’

But she really lets the cat out of the bag when she sings:

Let me be your ruler,

You can call me queen Bee

And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.

Let me live that fantasy.

Power-crazed much? These lyrics are obviously inspired by Lorde’s admiration for Adolf Hitler and his genocidal Nazi regime.  She dreams of a fantasy world where she is a dictator, able to do anything she likes.

It almost goes without saying that Lorde’s fantasy world would be one without Jews.

But even if I’ve misread her lyrics, and even if it turns out that they have a different meaning, there’s another disturbing aspect to her work.

Nowhere in any of her lyrics does Lorde take the opportunity to denounce the works of Hitler and the Nazis, or to speak up against death camps or the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. It’s not as if she hasn’t had the opportunity to speak up, since her latest album would have been the perfect opportunity for her to make a stand against anti-Semitism. So why didn’t she?

Does Lorde really hate Jews? Maybe it’s pure ignorance. Perhaps she thinks the Holocaust never happened, or that it was just some big party. Maybe she thinks Dachau was a nice summer camp where happy Jews played, sunbathed and rested, before returning back to their homes.

At least she’s young. That’s no excuse, of course, but we can only hope that as she grows older she becomes more aware of her outrageously anti-Semitic views, and of the true horrors of the Nazi regime she clearly worships.

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