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What would happen if Lorde and Sonny Bill Williams began a feud, or hooked up? Would the Stuff website actually explode?

And if SBW is the Second Coming, how come he’s a Muslim?

If SBW is the Second Coming, has anyone yet told Simon Bridges?

Why did none of Simon Bridges’ advisers tell him before that interview on Campbell Live that he’d forgotten to turn caps lock off?

Has Shouty Simon’s petulant performance damaged his career? Or has he enhanced his profile within National’s caucus by putting that awful socialist John Campbell in his place? Are these two things mutually exclusive?

In answer to this question, which would be more effective? A stake to the heart, or just lots of fire?

Now that the local body elections have come and gone, can Len Brown now stop for the next three years pretending to be left wing?

Will Len Brown’s review of Auckland Council executive salaries cost more money that the amount eventually saved?

Is there a committee, board, authority or organisation anywhere in Auckland that Warren Flaunty hasn’t got himself elected to?

Hamilton residents overwhelmingly voted to recommence fluoridation of the city’s water supply. But does this sudden awakening prove the argument that fluoridation had been reducing IQ levels?

Is anyone else worried about Labour’s sudden decision to behave like a serious political party that wants to win things? Where’s the comedy in that?