An email from God

God2I value your feedback, which is why I’m always thrilled to receive an email from one of my readers.

Yesterday I received the following message from a reader calling themselves “God”:

Man, I wish you’d just shut up. Your a liar and deserve to be broken. I know “the plan”, it’s not going to work shaitan. You are not a chosen people, you are self appointed cry babies. Every race has been killed, every one on this planet. Every religion has been tested and shown pure hate filled fear infested bull shit. I am God, I am chosen to wash the world clean of the ones who’d wish to destroy peace in mind. I will rise, I will conquer your darkness and I WILL EXPOSE ALL OF YOU. I know how the waters flow and I’ve carved what’s needed to be carved, I am on my square. You will know when the time has come and when yours will be gone.

It’s great to know God cares enough about my work to take the time to write, and by email too.

He could have inscribed this message in blood on a wall of my house, but he went to the effort of jotting down his thoughts, typing in my email address, and then pushing “send”. I’m impressed that he even has an internet connection. I bet he has an unlimited broadband plan.

Anyway, keep those emails coming, God. I’d rather you were writing than smiting.

2 thoughts on “An email from God

  1. Watch out! The GCSB will back track from your email to God and be able to send a blackshirted Brigade with a Warrant aimed at prosecuting for crimes against humanity. Help.

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