The Thinking Pundit: analysing National’s education policy announcement

thinkingmanThe first column in a new series that exposes all the spin, hype, and lies behind what our politicians say and do. No more biased and partisan opinions dressed up as intelligent analysis. Just the facts!

A number of people have asked me what I think about National’s latest education policy announcement.

The answer requires some thought and analysis. I always take a methodical and scientific approach towards these things, and I never rush to judgment. I like to take my time, weighing up the pros and cons of each new policy, and considering the overall effect such a policy might have. I find partisanship tiresome and destructive, and I have no time for it.

So how does National’s policy stack up?

First, let us consider what we know about the National Party. I know that I did not vote for National in 2011, and I won’t be voting for them in 2014. Given that I am a rational individual capable of making sensible and sane decisions, my voting decisions can only be put down to the fact that National’s policies are demonstrably bad ones.

Therefore, National’s new education policy must also be a bad one.

See what I did there? It’s science!

The Thinking Pundit

Update: Bruce just emailed me to point out the same analysis could be used to show that National’s policies are all good ones. Don’t plenty of rational individuals vote National?

I’m surprised that someone who no doubt purports to be educated could form such a weak argument. What is wrong with some of the people coming out of our schools?

Bruce, let me explain. I’ll try not to use too many long words, since you have so clearly been let down by our education system. You see, Bruce, the fact that you and other people voted National doesn’t invalidate my argument in any way. The fact that someone votes National despite its policies being proven as bad (see my analysis above) suggests that a large number of people in our country are anything but rational.

I blame the education system. How else can National’s popularity be explained? If our education system isn’t capable of correcting the delusions of so many people, then what exactly is our education system for? Something ought to be done about our schools to lift achievement, since the only things they seem capable of churning out are fools like Bruce.

You know what I’d like to see? A policy that at least attempts to reward good teachers and principals. But what chance do we have of seeing that under this terrible government?