Politics Explained: It’s all about the kids

politicsexplainedLabour: feed the kids.

Conservatives: smack the kids.

Maori Party: help the Maori kids.

United Future: sensible policies for sensible kids.

Mana Party: listen, kids, to the racist white man and all his bullshit racist white man policies.

Greens: leave the world a better place for our kids.

National: our kids have already left New Zealand for a better place.

NZ First: you bloody kids!

ACT: sleep with your kids, as soon as they’re old enough.

7 thoughts on “Politics Explained: It’s all about the kids

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  2. I restrained myself last night, hoping some reflection may have resulted in second thoughts about this post by you Scott.

    I think the post crosses a line by quite a margin and should be withdrawn, and an apology be given.

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