On to bigger and better things

IF from the editorDear readers,

You may have noticed in recent weeks that I have not been posting regularly.  There’s a good reason for this. I have been in talks with a very well-known (some would probably say notorious) blogger about combining our efforts, and these talks have taken an awful lot of my time.

This guy’s blog traffic is huge compared to mine, but he likes what I do and wants to work with me. He has the public name and the readership, but he sees me as providing a bit of long-term credibility to his operation. So we have decided to join forces.

The plan is for this site to effectively shut down (I’ll keep the site up, but will no longer post new material), and for me to post on his site. I have decided to give it a go, not without some trepidation, and it will mean I have a bigger audience than ever before for my work.

It’s fair to say that the journey to this point has been an interesting one. The person concerned is very much on the other side of the political spectrum to me, and he enjoys being controversial. His media profile is high, and he has political influence. I expect working with him will be eye-opening and not without its challenges. But it’s an opportunity I would be foolish to toss aside.

Regular readers of my blog should not be too alarmed, as I’m not sure too much will change in terms of the style and quality of my work. What may change is the focus of my work. It’s been pointed out to me that most of my targets are on the right side of the political divide, and we have agreed that this won’t really work on the site I’m going to. So I’ll probably shift my focus more towards attacking Labour and the Greens most of the time, rather than National and Act. I expect this may make some of you uncomfortable, but please bear with me. My new partner has assured me that I will have complete freedom to write whatever I want, subject to the absolute need to ensure a centre-right victory this coming election.

As part of the deal I have also agreed to remove from this site a number of blogposts critical of certain political figures. I will get around to this over the next few days, but there are over 700 posts to delete, so this will take some time. If your favourite post suddenly disappears from my site, you’ll know why.

I can’t say much more at this point, because we’re still in discussions on the practical details, plus there’s a profit share arrangement to nail down. But if all goes well, I expect we’ll be able to formalise the deal next week. The plan is to be posting on the other site within the fortnight. Until then I’ll probably continue to post here.

It’s a huge move for me, but I hope I will continue to have your support.