Time for a local drone strike policy

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A message from Arthur McGee, founder of and spokesperson for the Commonsense Corrections Society, about the recent drone strike killing of a New Zealander in Yemen

The Commonsense Corrections Society applauds the United States for having the courage to murder New Zealand citizens without trial.

We are also delighted that the New Zealand government supports the extrajudicial killing of New Zealand citizens overseas. We are thrilled that the government is okay with New Zealand citizens being murdered by this country’s closest allies.

In turn, we are disappointed with Labour and the Greens and other liberal hand-wringers, who seem to think that we should ask hard questions about the murder of New Zealand citizens.

But asking questions just plays into the hands of the terrorists. We don’t know why an American drone targeted this particular New Zealander, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

I speak to victims of violence almost every other day, and the one thing they all tell me is that we have got too soft on our criminals. What they need is a spell of hard labour or a flogging, or, if all else fails, bloody and terrible death from the skies.

Don’t ask me to feel sympathy for these terrorists.  These people are our enemy, and they despise our freedoms. It’s true that some of these freedoms have gone too far, and we are now at the point where good old-fashioned Christian values and decency have flown out the window. You can put that down to our whining liberal media, our spineless politicians who fiddle while Rome burns, and our education system that teaches kids it’s okay to think for themselves. It’s no wonder we’re on the road to disaster.

This progressive liberal disease starts in the schools. Some classrooms even have maps on their walls, which only encourage children to ponder what might be outside this country. These children grow up wanting to travel, and the first thing they do is go to one of those terrible countries where bad people live, and then they get brainwashed into hating their own kind. If you want to find the bloody womb of this terrorist menace, look no further than your local primary school.

But it’s not just the young people, because the disease seems to have infected every generation. You can’t even visit an airport nowadays without being overwhelmed with crowds of people of all ages leaving the country. Many of these people are New Zealanders. And yet we’re expected to feel sympathy when these people are randomly murdered. What has this permissive society come to? The airports belong to all New Zealanders, not just a small minority of travellers.

And let’s have no more sympathy for the dead man here. After all, this New Zealander is the architect of his own demise. It was his choice to travel outside New Zealand. It was his decision not to stay hidden 24 hours a day inside an impregnable reinforced concrete bunker where the drones couldn’t get him.

The message is clear. If you don’t want to be randomly murdered by the United States government, stay hidden at all times so they can’t find you. And don’t do or say anything that could in any way be construed as a hostile act by the Americans. What’s so hard about that?

I hear a lot of whining from lawyers, judges, social workers and politicians about human rights, the rule of law, and freedom from tyranny. They tell me that murdering anyone and everyone who threatens or merely offends us just isn’t the done thing. These wet liberals in their ivory towers are no doubt well-meaning, but their liberalism is a growing cancer in our society, and it needs to be eradicated. We need to do much more about this problem, and we need to move urgently.

The Commonsense Corrections Society is pleased by this government’s support for the murder of New Zealanders overseas. But words of support don’t go far enough. They say that charity begins at home, but extrajudicial murder should too. Let’s dismiss the petty concerns of all those judges, academics and do-gooders, and clean up this society once and for all. The people of New Zealand have had enough!  Imagine the kind of society we could have, if the police and other enforcement authorities could call on drone strikes to obliterate anyone giving them trouble.