A sacred day

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Today is the day when we remember those who fell.

I plan to honour this sacred day by not indulging in political discourse of any kind until 1:00 pm.

At 1:00 pm the shops open and life returns largely to normal. At 1:00 pm I will resume my ceaseless efforts to destroy this monstrous government.

Until then this blog will be a politics-free zone. Until 1:00 pm you can be assured that I won’t be writing a word against the tyrannical and incompetent fools who govern us. If you are looking for commentary this morning on the evils of John Key and his awful government, who would sell us all down the river if there was even the smallest political advantage in it, and whom you absolutely should never vote for, don’t bother looking here.

Similarly, I won’t be making comment on any of the opposition parties. Not the Greens, not New Zealand first, and certainly not my beloved Labour Party for whom everyone should vote. No, I will be respectful and silent this morning about Labour and Labour’s leader, a great man who will lead us out of the darkness and save us from these evil neoliberal vampires.

It’s all about respect, and engaging in petty politics and cheap point-scoring does nobody any good. That’s why there will be no politics until 1:00 pm. Until 1:00 pm I plan to leave that fat bastard John Key well alone.