Diary of an expert pundit

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January 23

We’re ahead! The latest Roy Morgan Poll shows that Labour and the Greens are leading National. Take that! 2014 will be the left’s year. Write it down. You heard it from me first.

February 6

Another Roy Morgan. Damn! The Nats slightly ahead. Doesn’t feel right to me. I reckon we rely too much on these one-off polls. It’s the trend that counts. No, not worried.

February 21

This is a joke. How can anyone take the Roy Morgan seriously?

March 7

I have no faith in the Roy Morgan Poll. It’s probably the most unreliable of the lot of them. I’d like to know more about their methodology, because these results make no sense. Everyone I speak to hates National, and let me tell you I speak to a lot of people at the various Labour Party meetings I attend.

Gotta be a rogue poll.

March 21

I don’t know what to make of this latest Roy Morgan poll. Both sides level-pegging. Probably unreliable. Just noise.

April 17 

FFS! This is a joke! There’s no way Labour is polling that badly. Why do the polling companies love National so much? Are they on the payroll?


May 07 


We can do it! We’re ahead! All the experts said the departure of Shane Jones would hurt Labour, BUT IT HASN’T!

Look at the polls! It’s all on! We’re winning! We’re winning!

There’s only one poll that matters, and it’s this one!

Roy Morgan, you bloody beauty!