Let’s keep it clean

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Labour Party leader David Cunliffe has promised to stop the personal attacks on political opponents, and is calling on his MPs to do the same.

I totally agree. It’s time we put an end to all the nastiness. Let’s all stop the personal attacks and keep it clean this election year.

I don’t care that Gerry Brownlee’s a nasty bloated monstrosity, and that John Key is corrupt and cynical and is only there to look after his rich mates. I’m going to focus on the positives this year.

So what if Judith Collins should be burned as a witch?

It may be true that Steven Joyce wants to invade Poland, Hekia Parata has BO, Tony Ryall is a serial arsonist, and Bill English has a trophy room back in Dipton filled with the skulls of his enemies.

But what matters to voters is policy. Politicians should be focused on policy this election, rather than sledging their opponents.

That’s why I don’t want to hear any personal abuse coming from our side this election campaign. Let’s give that smarmy git Chris Finlayson a break, and ease off on targeting Paula “look at me I’m so evil” Bennett.

But it’s not just about lifting the behaviour of our MPs, because we supporters also have to do our bit. We can keep things positive. We can win without diving into the sewer. I’m focused on fighting for a better New Zealand, and that means showing that I can keep my nose clean. Our enemies in National may all be monstrous scum who deserve death; but just because they are all revolting and obnoxious people with severe personality disorders, rotten teeth and hygiene problems, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t respect them and treat them with courtesy. It’s not Nick Smith’s fault that people feel like throwing up every time they see his fat ugly face.

Our opponents in National may be worse than Hitler, but they’re also human and have feelings. So let’s keep this election campaign clean. You won’t find me abusing any of those evil bastards this year, nor will I make personal or nasty comments about particular National MPs, not even about the mentally unhinged Simon Bridges.

Let’s all of us on the left agree to cut out the sledging this campaign. We just don’t need to abuse those criminal psychopaths in the National Party to get our message across.

Those pricks in ACT are fair game, though.