Read the law

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Above: a terrorist gets his comeuppance

It seems that all sorts of crazy stuff is being written about the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s determination that police were justified in not prosecuting members of the GCSB over illegal spying.

Come on guys, give the police a break. They were just following the law when they decided not to prosecute.

It’s pretty clear that the GCSB were within their rights. Just take a look at the relevant part of section 216B of the Crimes Act, which makes the use of interception devices unlawful except in certain limited circumstances. Those exceptions are the key.

Crimes Act 216B

I have highlighted the relevant text for you in red.

A note of warning: be aware that if you go online and look up the section yourself, you will see a different text. But how can that be? Well, that’s a very good question. I don’t want to speculate on how an official government website was hacked, or why, but dark and dangerous forces are working to subvert our democracy, and what better way to sow confusion than to alter our laws without our consent? That’s why we need to give the boys and girls at the GCSB all the support we can. The only people stopping these terrorists from gaining complete control of our fragile democracy are our brave and dedicated spies.

So opinion pieces like this one from Professor Geddis, who claims to be some sort of expert on legal stuff, are disappointing to read. Does Professor Geddis want the terrorists to win? And if so, why? Is Professor Geddis a terrorist?

I don’t want to start any sort of witch-hunt against this deluded Dunedinite, but Professor Geddis’ students should probably ask themselves if they feel comfortable being taught by a man who continues to express such hatred towards our freedoms.