A thousand deaths

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John Banks leaves the Auckland High Court following his sentencing.

The sentence handed down to former ACT MP John Banks for breaching our electoral laws is a disgrace. Banks has got away with murder. Literally murder. He has singlehandedly murdered our democracy. If you can imagine that our democracy is a small child, then John Banks is a baby-killer.

The fact that this democracy baby-killer continues to roam our streets (albeit during daylight hours only) is an outrage. Where is the deterrent value in this sentence? The judge has effectively said “if you engage in a corrupt act, your career and reputation will be destroyed, you will have a conviction permanently entered against you, and you will suffer the indignity and humiliation of having to undertake community service just like any other common criminal.”

It’s a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket!

It’s not even that, because the bus ticket was worthless, and the bus was hijacked by the neoliberals and driven over a cliff long ago, even as all the schoolchildren inside screamed in terror and begged for their lives to be spared. Now the bodies of dead children lie strewn about the wreckage of our once-great nation, while John Banks gets up from the driver’s seat and just walks away.

They abolished the death sentence for this sort of thing long ago, but you have to ask why. Whose interests were served? It surely wasn’t the interests of the New Zealand public.

This is the first case of its kind to come before our courts, so the judge had an opportunity to make his mark, to set a standard, to say “this behaviour will not stand!” The fact that the judge chose to follow black-letter law rather than pass a sentence of death should not surprise anyone familiar with the way our elites control all aspects of public life, from our corrupt politicians to our compliant judiciary. But it is still a bitter disappointment to the families of all those people John Banks would have killed had he in fact been a mass murderer. Where is the justice for the victims of all the terrible crimes John Banks might have engaged in had he a mind to do so?

It’s time we asked some tough questions of the people who control our country. Who judges the judges? Who watches the watchers? Who polices the police? Who ministers to the ministers? Who will protect the people of New Zealand from this insidious corruption if we cannot rely on our judges to pass sentence of death upon those who do wrong?

It’s time for the people of New Zealand to send a message to these elites that we have had enough. Demand justice! John Banks should pay the ultimate price, as should anyone who transgresses our holy electoral laws.

Tell your local MP that you demand an immediate increase in taxation in order to fund research and development into new resurrection technologies, so that we can put to death anyone who breaks our electoral laws, revive them, and then kill them again!

Death to them all! A thousand deaths!

But let there be an exemption for when someone in my political party breaks those same holy laws, because they didn’t mean to. They’re good people. IT’S NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL!

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