Is Kim Dotcom a Nazi?

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A number of commentators have insinuated that Kim Dotcom might be a Nazi.

Normally I would be inclined to dismiss such claims as pathetic and desperate attempts by the usual suspects to corrupt our political discourse. But on this occasion the people behind these insinuations (i.e. Matthew Hooton, David Farrar and Cameron Slater) are seekers of truth and enlightenment who have only the public good in mind.

So their claims deserve some scrutiny. Is Dotcom a Nazi? Let’s look at the evidence.


Hitler was a megalomaniac. Dotcom owned a business called Megaupload.

Dotcom always wears black. So did the SS.

We all know about the infamous Nazi salute. But did you know that Kim Dotcom once raised an arm over his shoulders during an Internet-Mana event?

Hitler knew how to command an audience. So does Kim Dotcom.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Dotcom owns a copy of the book.

Most of the surviving members of Hitler’s elite had considerable legal troubles after the War. Kim Dotcom is currently embroiled in legal difficulties.

Kim Dotcom is part-German and part-Finnish. Germany and Finland were allies during World War Two.

The Nazis murdered millions of Jews. John Key is Jewish and Kim Dotcom is out to get him.

The Nazis were responsible for war crimes and other atrocities. Kim Dotcom’s album Good Times may well qualify as a crime against humanity.

Hitler invaded Poland. Kim Dotcom invaded Coatesville.


Hitler attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government by force and was thrown in prison. Dotcom attempted to ignore the US government and was thrown in prison.

Hitler ruled an entire nation. Dotcom isn’t even eligible to stand as an MP.

Hitler plunged the entire world into confusion, starting a horrendous war, invading countries, obliterating cities and towns, and engaging in mass murder on an unprecedented scale. Kim Dotcom plunged Matthew Hooton’s entire world into confusion when some drunk kids at an Internet-Mana event chanted something rude about someone.

Hitler was a vegetarian. It is not clear whether Kim Dotcom has ever eaten a vegetable.


The jury is out, so you’ll have to make up your own minds. But if Kim Dotcom isn’t a Nazi, then why would David Farrar, Matthew Hooton and Cameron Slater suggest that he is? Why would they say such things? What possible motive could these people have? It just doesn’t make any sense.