Some Andrew Little talking points

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This post is for my right-wing readers. If you are a Labour Party member or supporter, this post is definitely not for you.

Time is of the essence now that Andrew Little has been confirmed as Labour’s new leader. You can’t afford to let him settle in, to be effective, to unite the various party factions. He needs to be sabotaged, and there’s no time to waste. It’s your job to run him down at every opportunity.

I have compiled a list of talking points for you to use on your blogs and other forms of media. This should save you from having to trawl through various other sites for mud to throw.

Gallery journalists and dime-a-dozen talking-head pundits: feel free to use as required for your columns and opinion pieces, in place of actual analysis.

Andrew Little talking points:

Beholden to union interests, no real public profile, couldn’t even win his electorate, a return to the bad old days of 1970s industrial relations, alarming hard-left agenda, unionist mates will be expecting payoff now, wonder what deals he’s made, anti-democratic, most members and caucus members wanted someone else as leader, unelectable, John Key will be relieved, dour and unlikeable, will further divide the party.

I also had some talking points ready in case Little didn’t win.

If Grant Robertson had won:

Out of touch urban liberal, beltway, lost the provinces forever now, homosexual agenda, won’t go down well with Pasifika community, leader of the ABC faction, will further divide the party.

If David Parker had won:

Bookish policy wonk, lacks charisma, architect of many of the policies that lost the election, won’t appeal to mainstream voters, won’t appeal to Auckland voters, will further divide the party.

If Nanaia Mahuta had won:

Maori princess, has achieved nothing in all those years in Parliament, little public profile, lacks support outside Maori caucus members, no place for white males in Labour any more, will further divide the party.

If Jesus Christ had stood and won:

No real business experience, alarming socialist views, a hard-left agenda, tendency to turn the other cheek means he’ll be mauled by Key in the debates, scruffy and doesn’t present well, can be a bit too preachy and overly self-righteous, won’t appeal to Waitakere Man, will further divide the party.