Second place is not good enough

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New Zealand has fallen to second place in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index released this week.

The index ranks countries based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be. Second out of 174 countries is a pretty good effort, but we used to be first.

Second place is just not good enough. We cannot accept second-best for New Zealand when it comes to the scourge of corruption.

Second place tells the world that our reputation as being one of the least corrupt countries in the world is under threat. Our government let this happen. This is John Key’s fault.

National has done nothing to keep us on top. Not a thing. Surely they could have offered to slip the people at Transparency International a few dollars in return for a top ranking. Or is that what Denmark did? Did the dirty Danes fix this?

Why didn’t we offer to make large cash deposits into the bank accounts of the report writers? Wouldn’t it have been preferable to this humiliation?

If we can’t even bribe our way to the top of an international corruption list, then what is the point of being on the list at all?