Let’s hear them out

Sky City wants the taxpayer to help cover the increased cost to build its new Auckland convention centre.

Sky City agreed to build the convention centre in return for the government giving the casino a licence extension and allowing it to operate more gaming machines.

But the deal was based on a $402 million build cost. Now that cost has apparently blown out by tens of millions of dollars, and Sky City wants the government to fund the increase.

This is bad news, and we are entitled to ask why we should be paying a cent for the new complex. But we do need a large convention centre in Auckland, because I heard someone say we do.

So let’s not rush to judgement. Let’s look at what needs to be done and think through the options. Let’s listen to what Sky City has to say and how the casino is able to explain the blowout. There really is no call for any sort of knee-jerk reaction.

So let’s hear them out. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Then let’s tell them to fuck off.