A message to the government of Indonesia

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We are very angry with you right now. We are hurting, and we are determined to make you pay for what you have done.

When you executed those two Australians the other day, you crossed a line. There was no need to kill them, but you went ahead anyway.

You failed to take into account one thing. All lives, sorry I mean all Westerner lives, are sacred. We don’t mind if you want to kill your own people, but keep your hands off our ones. They’re special.

If you really had to take the lives of foreigners, couldn’t you have found some Saudis to behead?

We warned you what would happen if you continued down this path. We told you there would be consequences if you executed the pair. But did you listen? No, you people in poor countries are all the same. You think you have the right not to do what we tell you.

Well wise up, Indonesia, because it’s payback time. You will regret this decision.

No we won’t be withdrawing our consular staff, imposing sanctions, reducing aid, ceasing trade, implementing travel bans, suspending diplomatic relations or bumping up tariffs on Indonesian goods.

But we are very angry about what you have done.

We will continue to trade with you, and to foster links with your country. We will continue to purchase your goods and services unabated. But know that we do so with frowns on our faces.

Our politicians will continue to praise the warm relationship between our countries, and nobody looking on from the outside will suspect a thing. Nothing whatsoever will alter in the way we engage with your country.

But in our hearts we are forever changed. Be afraid, Indonesia.