Which side?

Colin Craig’s decision to sue Jordan Williams, John Stringer and Cameron Slater for defamation has forced me to make a difficult decision.

It’s not unlike a decision I found myself having to make back in the 1980s, when two powers were slugging it out to the death.

Just like back in the 1980s I really don’t know who I should support. I pondered for days and weeks back then who was in the right, and who the villain was. One team was led by a religious crackpot, while the other was odious, nasty and utterly unprincipled.

So do I throw my weight behind Iran, or do I back Iraq?

What should I do here?

One thought on “Which side?

  1. The peculiar quirk of history here is that both sides are crackpots,and both have a belief that they,and only they,know the true way to the bright and sunny uplands of economic purity and faith…Messianic really…last guy who thought like that met unpleasant end,I hope to god it doesn’t happen to either of them.

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