Is Mike Hosking biased?

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Above: Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is Mike Hosking biased?

I don’t think so. Let me tell you why.

Only bad people are biased

Bias is a behaviour only bad people exhibit. It’s a negative attribute.

Sure, Mike Hosking’s not a saint, although he may be in with a shot if the Church ever decides to appoint a patron saint of the smug and self-entitled. But as far as I know he hasn’t actually killed anyone yet. So he’s not a bad person.

It’s only bias when it’s wrong

Give me any debate where Mike Hosking is on the one side, and science and the weight of all empirical evidence are on the other, and I’ll back the Hosk every time.

Maybe the left’s problem with Mike Hosking isn’t his bias. Maybe their problem is he’s always right.

Love and only love 

So what if Mike Hosking loves John Key? What’s wrong with that? Couldn’t we do with a little more love in this world?

Why pick on Mike?

These criticisms are absurd. Why target Mike Hosking in particular? Why not criticise John Campbell? When has that sanctimonious little creep ever attacked Labour?

Is he biased? Is the Pope a Catholic?

People keep saying this, as if to demonstrate that Hosking’s bias is self-evident. But hold on a gosh-darned minute!

Pope Francis claims to be a Catholic, but how can we be certain?  Claims that he’s a Catholic should not be taken at face value.  It’s true that the Pope has from time to time made statements that might suggest to the casual observer that he adheres to the Catholic faith. But we should not jump to conclusions.

Just because Francis resides in the Vatican and heads the Catholic Church, prays daily, lives a life of celibacy and preaches the word of Jesus Christ, doesn’t mean he has to be a believer. There are many precedents for a person leading or representing a group without being an actual member of that group. For example, the Commander in Chief of the United States army (i.e. Barack Obama) is a civilian. He isn’t even a military man. He may or may not also be a Catholic, or maybe he’s a Protestant, although it’s not clear. He may even be a Kenyan Muslim terrorist, according to some people on the internet.

You know, maybe Pope Francis really digs Jesus in a purely secular way. Surely someone can like what the man had to say in the Bible without necessarily believing he was the Son of God. Love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek, easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich white guy who drives a Maserati to believe in climate change. etc etc. It’s all good stuff that even an ardent atheist could approve of.

Some past Popes have been truly awful people. Who has heard of the Borgias? The  Borgias were ghastly people, almost as ghastly as the TV show of the same name (even if it did have Jeremy Irons in it). The Borgias were so awful that their family name has become a byword for depravity and corruption. They were barely Christian, let alone Catholic. Not that I’m suggesting the current Pope should be compared to the Borgias. For all we know Francis could be much much worse. He may seem all-right, but perhaps he is just biding his time, a sleeper agent waiting for his Kenyan Muslim terrorist masters to activate him. What kind of Catholic would launch a papal jihad?

So let’s not be too hasty. The Pope might not be a Catholic at all. So Mike Hosking might not be biased. It could all be an act. An extraordinarily convincing act.