63 not out

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Well done to our beloved Queen Elizabeth for living so long. Sixty three years on the throne and still going! She has just broken Queen Victoria’s record for not dying, set ironically when Queen Victoria died.

Elizabeth’s achievement in not yet expiring really cannot be overstated. While a large number of people have lived into their late eighties and even beyond, an even larger number have died before reaching her age. Indeed, very few of those who have survived into their late eighties have been monarchs.

Of course, things could have been so very different for our queen. She could have been hit by a car or a runaway cow, struck by an out of control tricycle, or even drowned in a freak flash flood. Her tireless efforts to not fall prey to any sudden accident or illness really show what a remarkable woman she is.

So kudos to you, Elizabeth II, for not dying. You are rich, live a life of luxury and security, have access to the very best healthcare, and have ruled during a long period of peace and relative prosperity. Had you lived in medieval times you would have done well to last five years before the plague or gout or some other repulsive illness carried you away. Had you been an emperor during the late Roman Empire you would most likely have been murdered by your own security detail after only a year on the throne.

The fact that you chose to live, and not to die through illness, or to perish by accidental or nefarious means, really speaks volumes about your character.

Some people will say that your continued existence is not at all remarkable, given modern life expectancies. But you are the only British monarch to go this far. Sixty three years on the throne, and still counting! Your example is an inspiration to us all. I am personally inspired by your decision to keep living, and will make it my personal mission to carry on your legacy by also trying not to die any time soon.

God Save the Queen!

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