Something needs to be done about all these crackpots

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As if the political environment in the US isn’t toxic enough already, the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia seems to have provoked all sorts of nuttery from far right groups and conspiracy theorists. It’s now infecting the political mainstream, with leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raising questions about the circumstances surrounding Scalia’s death.

Leading the charge is far right conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones. Jones is claiming that Obama had Scalia murdered, apparently in an effort to force through gun control and impose socialist tyranny upon America.

This is all just crazy. These people are trying to destroy Barack Obama by spreading lies. Alex Jones is a lunatic who thinks 9-11 was an inside job by the US government, so nobody should believe a word he says. These people who spout conspiracy theories about black-ops and government assassination programmes are damaging America and its reputation.

So why the heck hasn’t President Obama had Alex Jones killed?

These nutters live in a fantasy-land in which sinister and shadowy forces control every facet of our lives. In the make-believe world in which these people live there exists a secretive club comprising business elites and politicians, and at the very top of this cabal’s agenda is a plan to destroy America. It’s as deluded as it is irrational. Why would they? What would they gain?

Alex Jones is becoming a problem, because way too many people are starting to think he’s a teller of truths. I really don’t understand why Obama hasn’t quietly sent one of his covert assassination teams to take care of business. What the hell is holding him back? Couldn’t they make it look like an accident?

Jones and his cohort of crazies cannot be allowed to continue to poison the well of public discourse. America is the most powerful nation in the world, and they’ll soon be voting for a new President. The last thing we need is an election campaign for the role of most powerful person in the world, in which one of the leading talking points is Barack Obama’s unconstitutional and murderous criminal activity. What we need is calm and rational debate on important and genuine issues, not these crackpot theories about a secret cabal within government that goes around committing extrajudicial murder.

That’s why it defies belief that Obama hasn’t yet had one of his black ops teams engineer a car crash, or had someone slip some undetectable poison into Jones’ coffee. What the hell is the holdup? Isn’t there anyone within the New World Order prepared to take action?

You just can’t reason with these people. If you try to point out how obviously absurd their theories about shapeshifting reptilians and the coming plan to make sodomy compulsory in schools are, they’ll just accuse you of being part of the whole conspiracy.

So while we should all denounce these lunatics, denunciation may not be enough. Jones and his ilk are garnering more and more support for their wacky and implausible conspiracy theories. Something needs to be done, before this begins to impact on the 2016 presidential election campaign. Barack Obama and his Illuminati Bilderberg buddies need to do something, and fast. They need to get their best guys on the case. Real professionals, like the ones who engineered 9-11. Although those guys were probably killed afterwards to ensure their silence.

Alex Jones and his kind threaten America’s democratic values, because they make it seem like there exists some secretive group with its tentacles all over the US government. How can there be rational political debate when these nutbars rule the airwaves? I don’t understand why Obama hasn’t done something about these people. Maybe his murder squads are on vacation. And if that’s the case, then Obama’s top-secret Islam indoctrination mind-control programme could turn out to be a really good investment.