Go, Jeremy go!

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UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is as authentic as they come. A great progressive warrior who has never compromised on his core beliefs.

This helps to explain why he has been such a terrible leader. UK Labour needs someone who can unite the various factions within it, and Jeremy Corbyn clearly can’t. If he’d pissed off maybe a third of the party’s MPs he might have been excused because, well, they were probably all Blairite scum anyway.

But 80% of Labour’s MPs voting no-confidence in his leadership does suggest he has a small problem, and it’s probably not just that silly beard.

If you don’t think the no-confidence vote makes Corbyn’s position utterly untenable, then you probably believe that all 172 MPs who voted against Corbyn are acolytes of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-But-Whose-First-Name-Rhymes-With-Phoney, and as such are conditioned to do anything they can to squash any notion that the party should support left wing causes. And if you believe that, then you probably believe that Corbyn has a moral duty to wage a battle to the death against the Blairite bastards trying to get rid of him.

If that’s what you think, then good luck to you. If you’re right and Corbyn stays on to fight the good fight, you can probably look forward to many more years of Tory rule, as UK Labour works though its various purges in order to become an ideologically pure party that nobody really cares about any more.

Or Corbyn could just go and they could try finding a leader who isn’t utterly toxic to a large and somewhat important section of the party (the MPs!), and who the media doesn’t hate, and most importantly of all doesn’t have a silly beard.