Brief thoughts on the Chilcot Report

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I don’t understand why the report has been so damning of Tony Blair and his decision to go to war. The inquiry has provided Sir John Chilcot with a steady and lucrative income for a number of years, income he would never have earned had there not been an invasion of Iraq. So where’s the gratitude? Couldn’t Sir John have cut Blair some slack? He should be thanking Tony Blair, not condemning him.

That said, I’d be surprised if many people read more than the report’s executive summary. The report is huge, coming in at around 2.6 million words. Not that I’ve counted them. I mean, who would even try to read something as long as that? It’s a vast work containing a considerable number of odious characters, that will go unread by all but a few dedicated, desperate or deluded people. Kind of like Atlas Shrugged but without all the trains.*

*Disclosure: I once read Atlas Shrugged. This in no way invalidates my argument.