Someone could lose their life over this

1_party_standingsAn analysis of the latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll must be sending shockwaves through the Beehive right now.

With support for National plummeting by almost two percentage points since the last poll, John Key could soon be chased from his palatial Parnell home by mobs of angry citizens wielding clubs and pitchforks.

The poll result shows that the two main opposition parties are still trailing National, but the gap has narrowed to the point where John Key may soon find himself fleeing for his life, hiding in the sewers while his few remaining friends plan a way to smuggle him out of the country.

This poll could well sound the death knell for John Key’s government. Literally. If support for National continues to plunge by two percentage points in every political poll up to the next election, Mr Key may at some point be handed a revolver and asked to do the honourable thing. Or he may be dragged from his office by infuriated members of his own government and torn to pieces.

But the real losers here of course are Labour and their embattled leader Andrew Little. While support for Labour is up in this poll, the Greens are also on the rise, and a resurgent Green Party is terrible news for Labour. The knives will be out in the Labour caucus after this result, quite literally, and a number of people may end up losing their lives as a direct result of this shock poll.

So the stakes are incredibly high, and if the next poll shows another drop in National’s support, we may well see blood on the streets, rioting, burning, looting and mass executions. But perhaps the biggest tragedy would be if nothing much happened.