Trump v Clinton

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The first Presidential debate is only a few hours away, and it will be watched by tens of millions of people.

Whoever wins this contest will get a massive boost. Trump has been trailing in the polls for months, although the gap has been closing in recent weeks. A victory for Trump today may even see him pull ahead. Things have not been great for Clinton in recent times, with concerns about her health and ongoing questions about her ethics and trustworthiness. She needs to reassert herself and regain the confidence and momentum she had coming out of the Democratic Party convention.

The stakes are huge, and each candidate will be desperate for a victory. So what does each candidate need to do to win?

What Clinton needs to do to win:

Set out a comprehensive plan for solving all of America’s problems, while convincing the electorate that she is both competent and trustworthy, all the while remaining calm under fire, putting to rest those health concerns, and providing a clear defence against the many allegations of impropriety that have been made against her over the last three decades, all the while showing warmth and humility.

What Trump needs to do to win:

Avoid praising Adolf Hitler too many times.

Keep his pants on.