End Maori privilege


Captain William Hobson

I’m glad someone is finally doing something about Maori entitlement.

The system has been stacked against white people like me for way too long. The whole thing seems designed to keep us subjugated, to keep our brown brothers in control.

So I’m pleased someone is finally standing up for the rights of white people. We’ve had a hell of a time of it recently.

Thank God for people like Don Brash and his new group Hobson’s Choice.

It’s not just that Maori have all the money. You know, I could probably cope with their snooty attitudes, and the way so many of them flaunt their wealth, if Pakeha people had been given the same opportunities to succeed. But there’s a reason most of the people who drive flash cars and go to fancy restaurants are Maori. If you look at pretty much every lifestyle or wealth indicator, you’ll discover Maori are at the very top.

A lot of this comes down to the systemic racism within our society. Everything is designed to deliver better outcomes to Maori, and to keep white people down. That’s why so many Pakeha are languishing in jail. If you look at sentencing statistics, you’ll see that white offenders are much more likely than Maori to be sent to prison. And look at our hospitals. They’re full of sick white people. Why? It’s nothing to do with genetics. It’s societal. So many white families are living in poverty. White kids are growing up in damp and unhealthy houses. Mental illness, addiction, diabetes, obesity, stroke: you name it, Pakeha have it worse.

And don’t give me that crap about how white people just need to take more responsibility for themselves and their families. It doesn’t explain why as a group white people fare worse than Maori, unless you believe that white people are inherently incapable of making good choices, and if you do really believe that then doesn’t that kind of make you a racist?

It is happening in education too. There are now some state schools in this country, especially in the more affluent South Auckland suburbs, where you will hardly see a white face. This Maori monopolisation of the state school sector is coming at a terrible cost to white children, many of whom have been forced to attend private schools charging crippling fees. A few state schools can still be found in Auckland catering for white kids, but they tend to be situated in ghettos like the Grammar Zone, or in the notoriously rough suburbs of the North Shore. Most of all, Maori entitlement is hurting our young.

This is not what was promised to my people when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. They said there would be a partnership, that Maori would respect our rights. Instead, almost everything has been taken from us, including most of our lands and wealth; and now, only now, are we slowly recovering as a people. So it really hurts when I hear Maori people talk about Pakeha privilege. What about Maori privilege? How many brown prime ministers have we now had? Look at most of the people in charge of our biggest companies and institutions. What do you notice about the colour of their skin? Do you think that’s just a co-incidence?

So don’t talk to me about Pakeha privilege. We white folk have never had it so bad.