How the Left will win: an action plan

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Donald Trump’s election win has shaken the left, and not just in the US.

With the UK’s Brexit vote and the rise of rabid anti-immigrant extremism around the world, it feels like a bad time to be on the left.

But that’s no reason for despair. We will get through this. We just need to recruit, organise and do what we do best. It’ll be fine.

Here is what we will do.

We will continue to demonise the people who didn’t vote the way we wanted them to. We will make sure they know they are all stupid racist jerks, and eventually they will agree with us and plead for forgiveness.

We will also poke fun of these people–when we are not demonising them, that is. It is so easy to find footage of Trump supporters saying hilariously stupid things.

We will ignore the fact that many people voted for Donald Trump not because they liked what he stands for, but because the other choice they were offered was also completely awful.

We will protest the fact that in a democracy, sometimes the other side wins.

We will blame the media for everything.

We will spend more time on Twitter denouncing people and things we don’t approve of.

We will forget to be kind to other people, especially the voting public, who aren’t really our enemies.

We will complain loudly, but we won’t actually fight back.

We will write more blogposts like this one.

3 thoughts on “How the Left will win: an action plan

  1. Historically, the only way the left has ever made significant gains (welfare state, NHS, etc) is in the immediate aftermath of an enormously destructive war, when the world wakes up with a massive hanfover and goes, ‘uh, what the hell were we thinking? Never again’. So, with current events being what they are, really we’re well on track for a historic victory sometime in the next decade or so

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