Is Pauline Hanson a false flag operation?

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Above: Pauline Hanson? Or crisis actor?

A guest post from a One Nation party member

I’ve done a bit of reading on this subject, and I have to say that something just doesn’t stack up.

I’m not saying it’s true. Maybe there’s a genuine explanation for everything that’s been going on. But I’m not convinced.

That’s why I want answers to this question:  Could the entire political career of Pauline Hanson be a false flag operation run by liberal elites?

It makes sense that the shadowy forces running our country would want to discredit One Nation. What better way to destroy the credibility of white nationalists than to depict the most prominent member of our movement as a deeply stupid and evil person?

I wouldn’t be having these doubts if Hanson was merely dumb. One Nation has always had its fair share of cretins and mouth-breathers. They’re the life and soul of our party, and I’m proud to call many of these morons my friends.

But stupidity, avarice and evil? How likely is that? How could such a horrible person ever hope to hold political office? Who would vote for someone so awful?

Ask yourself this: who benefits? Cui bono? I know that last phrase sounds foreign, but please don’t panic. It’s Latin. You know, the Romans? Proper white people.

Who has the most to gain from the Pauline Hanson project? Certainly not One Nation. We’ve become a laughing stock, the butt of jokes in the media. Our credibility is in tatters. She has even claimed the Port Arthur massacre was a government conspiracy! You couldn’t make this up!

Except you could make this up. Perhaps Pauline Hanson doesn’t even exist. Has anyone actually met her? Well I have. But was it really her? What if the person I met and exchanged racist pleasantries with was merely a crisis actor?

Could the entire Pauline Hanson phenomenon be a construct of the cynical and manipulative brainwashing George Soros-controlled liberal media?

Or is this all real? Is Pauline Hanson simply a nasty stupid evil racist person? But then what would that make us, her most ardent followers?

Something doesn’t add up!