Your guide to legal impunity

I’m guessing you will by now have heard of the Sovereign Citizen movement (sometimes referred to as the SovCits). It’s group of people who’ve woken up to the fact that what purports to be proper lawful authority is all just a fiction, and that people really can do as they please. You just need to know the right words to use when you’re confronted by aggressive law enforcement or government officials.

The Sovereign Citizen movement has finally made public what we lawyers have known for decades. You don’t have to pay your taxes or stick to the speeding limit. I haven’t paid a cent in income tax for over twenty years, because whenever Inland Revenue comes knocking I know exactly which legal loopholes to quote back to them. And I have left my car unregistered and unwarranted for over a decade. The authorities are powerless to do anything against me. They know that if they charge me I’ll blow the whole thing up in court and then everyone will find out.

It’s amazing to think it has taken people so long to learn about the existence of all these legal loopholes. It’s a wonder no-one else in my profession said anything before now. I don’t think we were consciously keeping a secret. I guess it just didn’t seem important to tell anyone else. Maybe a bit of it was selfishness. I’m happy not paying a cent in tax, but if no-one paid any tax how would they fund the roads I use?

I know that most of my readers aren’t lawyers, so I have created a resource that will help them become empowered Sovereign Citizens. You will see below a notice. All you need to do is print this out, fill in the gaps and then sign it. Then you need to post copies of the notice prominently around your home, at your place of work or business, and on your websites and social media pages. And make sure you send a copy to everyone you know.

If you follow these instructions, then I guarantee this will change your life.

Good luck!