Let’s moderate

Out of respect for the victims of the Christchurch massacre, I have decided that all reader comments on the site will now go into moderation, unless I have verified your identity.

The terrorist test

I have created a short test to help you determine which side you’re on. Are you for the terrorists, or against them? Take the test.

Police reaction to Woolwich murder offends white supremacist group

Members of White Resistance gather during Bring Your Swastika to Work Day A British white supremacist group has complained to police about the preferential treatment given to black Muslim offenders. The brutal murder of a soldier in Woolwich this week by two young black Muslim men has shocked the British nation. The crime has resulted…

Now The Terrorists Are Using Mindpower!

The Terrorists have unleashed a new evil weapon. Its simplicity is terrifying. A Qantas passenger is being questioned by Singapore police after threatening to bring down a flight with the power of his mind, the ABC reports. A spokesman for the Australian airline said a passenger was restrained yesterday evening on QF31 – a Sydney…