Police reaction to Woolwich murder offends white supremacist group

Members of White Resistance gather during
Bring Your Swastika to Work Day

A British white supremacist group has complained to police about the preferential treatment given to black Muslim offenders.

The brutal murder of a soldier in Woolwich this week by two young black Muslim men has shocked the British nation. The crime has resulted in the deployment of additional police officers around potential trouble spots, as concern grows about the threat of Islamic terrorism.

But White Resistance, a neo-Nazi group, claims that the actions of police are an affront to the white race.

“We and other white pride groups have been beating, bashing and murdering black and Muslim people for years and years”, said the group’s President, Barry “Buchenwald” Smith.

“While a number of our members have done serious jail-time for their offending, we’ve never been privileged enough to have almost the entirety of the British state security apparatus deployed against us.”

Mr Smith said it was unfair that black people were getting so many police resources thrown their way, while hard-working white racist thugs were being largely ignored.

“My boys are out there beating up on anyone whose skin colour we don’t like, and we’re lucky if we get a few lines in the local newspaper”, said Mr Smith.

“When one of my lads sticks a knife into a black kid there’s outrage for a few days, then it’s forgotten within a week.

“These two killers struck the jackpot, didn’t they? They were black and they were Muslim. How is that fair?”

British Prime Minister David Cameron has sought to justify the deployment of vast police resources in the aftermath of the Woolwich attack.

Speaking outside Downing Street he told reporters: “This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life; it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.”

But Mr Cameron’s speech has been poorly received by members of White Resistance.

“There he goes again, giving Muslims preferential treatment”, said Barry Smith.

“I can’t remember any prime minister ever devoting as much time and attention to our own people. Nobody ever labels us as terrorists.

“Hey, Cameron, we’re just as much a threat to the British way of like as that lot. Fair’s fair!”

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