Is This A Sign To Start The Reaping?

Here is an infernal milestone for my site.

The number of the beast is 666. But I never leave home unprepared, and it always pays to have a spare digit.

This is a sign. Soon my reign of terror will begin. Then my diabolical majesty will be revealed to the world, and you will all grovel and squirm in the dirt like worms! Fire and blood! Fire and blood! BWA HA HA HA!

UPDATE 1: I’ve spoken to my wife and apparently my reign of terror has to be put on hold. Reaping souls is time consuming, but we’ve guests coming to stay and the house has to be cleaned and the lawns need a mow. And the power bill was due today, so all the money I’d put aside to equip my zombie army has been paid to a much more demonic force. I’m dreadfully sorry about this…

UPDATE 2: I had a chat to my wife and apparently I’m now allowed to do a little bit of reaping, but I’m not to wake the kids or disturb the neighbour’s dog. It barks at any noise and drives us nuts. Unfortunately, my satanic robes are still at the drycleaners, so it will have to wait. Sorry.