Please Have A Christmas

Only one more sleep now until the jolly fat man comes visiting. Although I’m not sure where Gerry Brownlee is spending Christmas this year.

I hope you all get to spend an enjoyable Christmas with your families and friends, even imaginary ones. And if you have a wife or girlfriend my ardent Christmas wish is that you spend time with her repairing the damage done when Tiger Woods last came to town.

I won’t be blogging much for a few days. There is food to be consumed, booze to be taken care of, and over-hyped children to deal with. But frankly, if you have time to check this blogsite out during Christmas that makes you a bit of a sad git, doesn’t it? Well someone had to break it to you.

And now some safety messages:

If you’re driving over the summer break make sure you have a vehicle, otherwise you won’t get very far.

And if you’re thinking of having a few drinks before getting behind the wheel, don’t do it – because weaving back and forth between lanes wastes more gas.

Don’t leave food out for Santa. The dude already has type 2 diabetes. Do you really want your kids to find a fat dead guy on your living room floor tomorrow morning?

Finally, I wish you a Christmas. It can be merry if you want it to be. Or if you prefer to wallow in your own misery that’s cool too.

See you again soon.