Doing The Left Thing – Introducing Bob Mittsky

The introduction of Dr. Frank Shizenhausen as a columnist at Imperator Fish has been such a success that my inbox has been full. Most of the emails I receive are from pharmaceutical companies wanting me to acquire their various wares (isn’t it funny how they know about my little problem?), but it can’t be a coincidence that I introduce a doctor to this blog and suddenly people are trying to sell me drugs.

Occasionally I am told by one of the many voices in my head that I should not allow this blogsite to air any of Frank’s opinions. I appreciate that someone as hard-hitting as Frank is bound to get under the skin of people, because his articles are well-researched and expose some unpleasant truths about us as a society. Nevertheless, I don’t want a perception to exist that this blogsite allows only those from the Right to contribute. Imperator Fish is a broad church.

So I decided to hunt down an alternative voice for the Left. I had a lot of offers, but went with Bob Mittsky. I’m sure you’ve read Bob’s work before, but in case you haven’t, here’s a brief bio.

Bob was born in Liverpool into a working class family, and moved to New Zealand when he was in his twenties. His class consciousness and passion for the underdog was born during his time working on the Liverpool docks. He is active in the union movement in New Zealand, and currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Maritime and Cheese Transportation Union. He joined the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa in 2001, and rose to become its Chairman in 2005. Last year Bob travelled to North Korea to be honoured with the Korean Star, an award given to the most outstanding advocates for class struggle. He has sold dozens of books, and is a regular contributor to online forums and radio talkback shows.

Here is Bob’s first column.

According to our Prime Minister, we should be grateful that the rich are about to get a tax cut. These fat cats are never satisfied with the loot stolen by them from the workers of this land, and so Key will give them yet more.

History will judge Key harshly over the coming Budget, you can be sure. One day, soon perhaps, the current cabal of capitalists, bankers and fascists will be swept from power by the workers of this country. Don’t be surprised if more than a little blood is shed. They’ve been bleeding us for years, so they ought to be ready to lose some of their own. The verdict of history will record the infamous evil of Key’s fascist regime.

The problem with history is that, in most cases, it is written by the elites. Take the story of Joseph Stalin as an example. His grandson recently tried to preserve Stalin’s magnificent legacy by taking a radio station to court. The station had been broadcasting lies about Stalin’s benevolent regime, so his grandson, Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, took a libel action against the station. It failed, in part because the Russian court was stacked full of puppets of the ruling elites.

Dzhugashvili’s other hurdle was to overcome the fact that the lies spread about Stalin have become all too commonplace and are now part of the common narrative. Some deluded souls have said Stalin was a genocidal monster, and that under his rule millions of Russians died. I’ve even heard people claim that during the 1930s he implemented a policy of deliberately starving to death millions of Ukrainians. Can you believe such stuff? You shouldn’t. Joe Stalin was a kindly avuncular character who loved children and whose people loved him. It is true that unfortunate errors may have been made by others during his rule. The real history books (in other words, those written by Stalin’s people, who had first-hand knowledge of events) tell us that when famine struck the Ukraine in the 1930s and drove people from the land, Stalin went out of his way to find people alternative accommodation. Millions were offered places in Siberian holiday camps, where they could relax and take a break from their daily toils.

The terrible thing about the allegations made about Stalin over the years is that often the people making them claim to be from the Left. But some who claim to represent the workers are little more than the hired tools of the bosses. Those class traitors have turned their backs on the struggle, preferring to instead peddle a flawed version of history sponsored by the capitalists. The truth of the matter is that the honourable work done by Stalin to bring power and equality to the poor, and to crush the wealthy classes, was astonishingly successful. For so long as Stalin ruled nobody in Russia could claim to have any kind of fortune.

And let us not forget that Stalin’s magnificent war leadership against the Fascists inspired a nation. The fact that he purged almost all of the Red Army’s leaders in the years leading up to the war, interfered in critical decisions during the important opening phases of the war by refusing to allow armies caught up in hopeless positions to withdraw (thus ensuring the needless annihilation or surrender of hundreds of thousands of soldiers), and refused to take seriously the obvious fact that Germany was planning to attack, are mere technical minutiae that need not bother or interest the non-historians amongst us.

Some people tell me that the only thing these class enemies and splitters deserve is a bullet. They ask me why I don’t speak up and openly advocate death for these traitors. There’s no question they deserve everything they get, but that’s not for me to determine. If others want to listen to my words and take from them a message that it is okay to round up and destroy those in our society who oppose our views, then it’s hardly my fault. I can’t control what people will do. I’m just a columnist.

And if I take a great deal of pleasure in the suffering of those traitors, that doesn’t mean I instigated it. I hope that you take this into account if you are thinking about taking direct action. I encourage any sort of action that will free our enslaved brethren, but nothing that can be pinned on me. Not because I fear retribution, but because with the position I hold in the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa I have a duty to keep my nose clean. You see, if the Fascists think I am somehow involved they may target me, and then the Party would be leaderless.

You know, the leadership of the Party is a real burden. I’d much rather be on the barricades railing against the Fascists, but someone needs to stay behind and organise. The Blackberry, the Lexus, and the penthouse apartment are also necessary evils. What better way to show the utter failings of capitalism than to use the tools of the bosses against them?

That’s why, brothers, when you’re engaged in nameless and unspecified actions against class enemies, I’ll be sitting at home watching my large high definition wide-screen TV, snorting cocaine from the bellies of strippers, and drinking the finest Chablis. Because that’s just what the capitalists would do. If we are to defeat our enemies we must first understand their ways. But, though I make this sacrifice, possibly the biggest sacrifice of all within the Movement, rest assured that your small effort in eliminating “problems” is important to me.

So go forth, comrades, and do what you must, although let me be very clear that I’m not telling you what you must do, or who you should do it to.