Screw You Wellington

Auckland has just been ranked the 4th best city in the world in terms of quality of living.

Wellington ranked a measly 12th. How pathetic is that? Losers.

Wellingtonians will probably crow about the fact that they’re the fifth-ranking Eco-City. Big fucking deal. And when you consider the amount of hot air emitted in Wellington by politicians and bureaucrats, it’s pretty clear we could achieve carbon neutrality as a nation just by letting Wellington slide into the sea – which the accursed city will probably do when the next big one strikes anyway.

Soon we’ll have our Supercity, and then we’ll see a real shift in power northwards. Auckland’s where the heart of the nation resides – its economy, its purpose, its future.

God I hate you Wellingtonians so much.

[Update: It seems someone has been hacking into my blog account and saying awful and defamatory things about the good folk of Wellington. I offer my unreserved apologies for any offence that these comments may have caused. After all, it’s hardly the fault of the people who live in Wellington that their city is a dirty stain at the bottom end of the North Island, and that the sooner a giant reptile rises from the sea and stamps the entire city flat the better our lives will all be.]

[Update #2: I’m very sorry about that last bit. I apologise especially to any of my bosses in Wellington who might be reading this. If you’re wondering whether to fire me, I think it might have been Richard L who posted those nasty comments. You should definitely fire him and not me.]