Rogues And Mass Murderers Shiver With Fear

Dictators, monsters and corrupt rulers, be very afraid.

Lincoln University has revoked an honorary degree awarded to a former Peruvian president who was last year jailed for ordering two massacres and committing other human rights crimes.

Lincoln vice- chancellor Roger Field said the decision to revoke Alberto Fujimori’s science doctorate was met by a round of applause from staff during a regular campus update today.

Yes, you can do as you please, going about murdering, destroying and stealing. But if you think you can get a science degree from one of New Zealand’s top ten universities, think again. We won’t allow it. Actually we will, but eventually we will find out what you’ve been up to and then we will get VERY CROSS! Eventually.

The message is simple: do as you please in your own country, but do not f**k with the good people of Lincoln.