Osama II: Madder And Badder

I can’t believe how stupid the US have been.

They’re crowing this week because they killed Osama bin Laden.

Or at least they think they have. But where’s the proof? Apparently it’s somewhere in the Arabian Sea.

This is just textbook dumbass behaviour. I just bet we later learn that the head of the Navy Seal operation mocked bin Laden before shooting him, while explaining the extent and coverage of the US’s covert intelligence network in tremendous detail.

“I may as well tell you, since I’m going to kill you anyway,” he probably said to bin Laden just before pulling the trigger.

We all know what’s going to happen next. You don’t dispose of the bad guy unless you’re sure he’s dead. But did they cut his head off? Did they burn the corpse and scatter the ashes so that some genie curse wouldn’t be able to reassemble the charred remains?

No, they put a couple of bullets in the guy and checked he wasn’t breathing.

It will probably turn out that bin Laden was just holding his breath.

And now he’s out there, swimming about in the Arabian Sea. Towards us. And mad as hell.

This is bad bad news. Because it can only mean trouble. But most of all because sequels are never as good as the original.