Time To End Marrie Entitlement


A guest post from Jerry Smedwit of the New Zealand Centre for Research and Policy.

Last week an overwhelming 81% of 40,000 respondents told Close Up that the Marries do not have a special place in this country.

Naturally the left portrayed this poll as a meaningless vox pop that merely showed how ignorant many people are when confronted with issues of race.

But you can’t ignore a poll like that, unless the poll gives you the answer you don’t want, in which case it’s a pointless and non-scientific vox pop that shows just how ignorant some people are.

Like the poll on Campbell Live a week or so ago that showed that 60% of respondents would be prepared to give up their tax cuts if student loans, Kiwisaver and Working for Families were untouched.

That’s just what you would expect from the liberal handwringing wowsers who watch John Campbell. They claim to be enlightened and educated, and yet ask them if they’ve read the entire works of Ayn Rand and they just sneer. So who’s the ignorant one now?

The views expressed in the Close Up poll echo the sentiment I have heard voiced again and again when I talk to people and only listen to what I am saying. People have had enough of those goddamn Marries and their culture of entitlement.

Liberals whine that the Marries are overly represented in the prison statistics, and that they clog the hospitals and medical services with their goddamn illnesses and what not.

It is an act of supreme cognitive dissonance to argue that the Marries get the rough end of the stick, while relying on their very overuse of public services as evidence.

It’s simply not fair to the rest of us that all the hospital beds have been taken up by sick natives. If I ever decide to exercise my democratic right to have diabetes (assuming the government PC food police don’t end up legislating all tasty and unhealthy foods out of existence and then force-feeding us tofu in their concentration camps), I will find myself on a long waiting list if I want an operation or need dialysis, because the Marries have clogged the system up.

And if I ever exercise my democratic right to shoot a home invader through the eyes with one of the many military-style weapons I keep at hand to preserve my freedoms, and it turns out that the person was actually a Salvation Army collector whom I invited inside for a cup of tea and who never saw me coming with the gun, then why should I have to share my prison block with hundreds of these Marrie types? White people built the prison, so they should damn well have all the most comfortable parts of it. I exclude, of course, all of my financier friends who have recently fallen upon hard times and have been unjustly given prison sentences, all because they engaged in a bit of harmless massive fraud. Prison’s no place for a company director. Wouldn’t justice be better served if they were out in the community giving something back? I can think of any number of charities who would be delighted to have one of these fine gentlemen helping out pro bono, handling their finances. Actually, I can’t think of any right now, but there are bound to be some, I’m sure.

If you think the Marries have it so tough then consider that their asset base is a massive $37 billion. That’s a figure I plucked out of my arse after hearing someone mention it some years ago, but that’s where all my best information comes from, and I was in Parliament you know, so I know what I’m talking about. Think about it. That’s an awful lot of money, and probably more than the combined wealth of the top ten or twenty richest white people in this country.

One of the founding principles of this land was the notion of one law for all. It’s what the Treaty of Waitangi actually says, or it will once a few minor revisions are made to some of the more ambiguous sections. The Treaty allowed us to bring our laws and our diseases to this country, and any suggestion that the Treaty was not honoured is pure historical revisionism. Yes, a few Marries may have lost their lands, but the bulk of the land confiscations in the 19th century occurred because land was needed and it was convenient for the settler government to take it. The whole motivation behind much of the last four hundred years of Western liberal thinking may have been the protection of property rights, but if you offer someone a few muskets and blankets for their precious lands and they refuse to see reason, then what choice have you but to evict them and shoot or imprison those who fight back? It was the law of the land, the law the Marries agreed to adhere to when they signed the Treaty. In any event, before the Europeans came there was no title deeds system. So the Marries can’t actually provide title deeds showing ownership of anything before the Treaty.

I asked law lecturer and fellow NZCRAP contributor Donald Ball what he thought about the Treaty, and he agreed with everything I said. Ball is a self-appointed pre-eminent expert on the Treaty, having been published in numerous works that you have never heard of, but only because the Marries and their supporters in the legal fraternity have shut down debate on the issue and won’t listen to what he has to say. As anyone who has been to law school knows, there are no dud lecturers. So Ball must know what he’s on about.

NZCRAP stands against this attack on white man’s privilege. If the Marries get their way we’ll all be forced off our lands, and our children will be taken into white slavery and have their faces tattooed. Is that what you want? If not then join the fight against this tyranny!

It’s bad enough that we haven’t exterminated their language and culture. But now it’s starting to infest our education system. Children are being force-fed Marrie language and forced to learn about the Marries at school. And we now have pregnant and menstruating women being banned from exhibitions at Te Papa! You could be forgiven for thinking that the Te Papa story was a complete beat-up, and that it was made very clear by Te Papa that no such ban had ever existed. But remember that if you disagree with anything I’ve said it’s because you’ve been infected with liberal media bias. Don’t trust them!

And even if I do occasionally use outright lies to make my case, it’s only because I know how awful those Marries are. Hey, don’t shoot me, I’m no racist! They’re the racists!