Peter Dunne Keeping It Real

United Future leader Peter Dunne has become the latest high profile person to engage in the “planking” fad.

He is the first politician in this country to “plank” on live television.

Mr Dunne has been ridiculed over the years for everything from his hair to his dress sense, and has often been mocked for being stuffy, grey and boring.

But last month when he posted a video on YouTube making fun of his hair, he revealed a keen sense of humour.

Mr Dunne says he is making an effort to be more relevant to the younger generation, by using social media sites like YouTube, and by “planking”.

“The young are the future of this country,” said Mr Dunne. “But they’re turned off by what they see in their politicians. The suits, the speeches, the boring policy waffle.

“What I want to do is send a message to the younger folk. United Future’s where it’s at, man. Listen to my flow. We’re keeping it real in the House tonight.”

The transformation of Peter Dunne goes beyond engaging in amusing stunts and appearing in viral videos. He also has an entirely new wardrobe, and a new hip-hop album about to be released.

United Future MP Peter Dunne AKA MC Pete Dogg

Dunne, who says he now prefers to be called “MC Pete Dogg”, recorded the album during a 45 minute break in Parliamentary proceedings two weeks ago, following a strenuous debate on tax deductability legislation in the House. Dunne recorded the album with the assistance of a number of staffers and parliamentary workers.

The album, titled MC Pete Dogg and the Dead Possum Posse is due to be released next week.

The first single is called Tappin’ My Dime Down the Hood will be Fiscally Neutral.

Dunne is also due to appear in the reality television show Pimp My Politician, in which tired and clapped out old politicians that nobody likes are spruced up, modernised, and made into objects of desire.

Dunne has announced that he wants United Future to be the natural home for partying bad boys.

“I want my supporters to feel assured that when they pick up their Woman’s Day or New Idea, I’ll be pictured in the gossip section rolling out of a stretched limo late at night with my arms draped around two supermodels.

“If I’m not being arrested for snorting cocaine in public then I don’t deserve to be reelected.”

Mr Dunne angrily rejected accusations he is trying too hard to court the younger generation.

“Why yo hatin’ on this nigga? I’m getting respect from my crew for busting these moves yo, so yo betta stop yo dissin’ before I put a cap in yo ass.”