Time Now To Focus On The Real Enemy

Well that’s a chapter finally closed. Clare Curran has apologised graciously for her ill-advised remarks on Red Alert about the Greens, and this seems to have been accepted by a number of her most vocal critics in the blogosphere.

It still leaves unaddressed the role of the Red Alert site in Labour’s communications strategy. My personal view is to just sod all this OpenLabour stuff and go for the win. Be ruthless and on-message, even if that’s boring as hell. Its what the Nats do very well, and the public don’t seem to mind it at all. It would offend many in the blogosphere, but I suspect those most incensed would be the ones already outraged at Labour’s perceived lack of discipline.

But those are not decisions for me to make.

The good news, though, is that this disagreeable incident seems to be at an end. Hopefully this means that Labour and the Greens can now work together for the common good and focus on the real enemy: Hone Harawira and the Mana Party. Splitters!