Of Mice And All Blacks

Labour Party leader Phil Goff is today the subject of renewed questions about his leadership, after blogger Campbell Slug released a recording of a Labour MP contradicting an earlier statement by Goff.

Mr Goff told listeners on Paul Henry’s Radio Live show on Monday that his favourite All Black player was Richie McCaw.

However, this morning blogger Campbell Slug released on his blogsite FishMeat a recording of Labour’s Dunedin South MP Clare Curran stating that Dan Carter was “the man.”

This disagreement between Labour MPs adds further fuel to suggestions that Labour’s caucus is disunited and that the party lacks discipline.

“If Labour’s MPs can’t even agree on basic issues, like who their favourite player is, then it’s clear they’re just not fit to govern us,” said prominent media commentator and blogger David Farrar.

Prime Minister John Key was later asked at a press conference what he thought of Labour’s latest blunder.

Mr Key did not respond directly, but instead just smiled, and most of the journalists in the front row of the gathered media scrum collapsed.

Once they had recovered somewhat and taken some air, Mr Key was asked who his favourite All Black was.

“They’re all wonderful,” said Mr Key.

Political insiders praised Mr Key’s masterstroke, and most are predicting that he will live a long and prosperous life.

However, ACT leader Don Brash has slammed the media’s obsession with rugby players and rugby stories.

“Frankly, I don’t understand why this matter was even reported, when our economy is in such dire trouble,” said Dr Brash.

“ACT has been talking about the issues that matter for months, but nobody’s listening. It seems as if nowadays only the most trivial and nonsensical of news gets front-page treatment, while the stories that matter go untold.

“I have a whole collection of homosexual-mice stories, but the news media just aren’t interested.”