Turning Off

Unfortunately I have to close off blog comments before midnight tonight, due to our absurd and outdated electoral laws.  I have set my blog so that all comments posted will go to moderation, and I will then release them after 7:00 pm tomorrow.

I have done this now, as I am out late tonight, and the last thing I need as I stumble home inebriated at 1:00 am is a squad of police cars outside my house waiting for me, with Inspector Plod of the CIB Electoral Crimes Division ready to cuff me and take me down to the station for questioning.

I can only imagine the grilling I’d get from those hardened cops.

“I thought I’d seen it all,” Inspector Plod will tell me as we face off against each other in the police interview room.

“Murders, muggings, and crimes against women and children. But your flagrant breach of section 197 of the Electoral Act 1993 is a crime against the very fabric of our society!

“You disgust me!” he will yell before running out of the room to be sick in a rubbish bin.

I’m also pretty sure I’d be in for a hell of a beating by the cops.

So I’m not gonna break no laws. This means comments go off until after 7pm on Saturday.

But don’t worry, people, because I have organised something special on this site for the day of the election. Wait and see.